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Dr. Bobby Adams

Why Can't I Understand My King James Bible?

     In section one, Biblical Examples, I am trying to identify with the Bible reader by giving examples from Scriptures to show that even the disciples of Christ had trouble understanding His words. We know that Jesus is God in the flesh and knows how to teach the Holy Scriptures so they could understand His words. That ought to encourage the Bible believer who may struggle from time to time understanding the Bible. Then I go on to give valid reasons why many seem to have problems occasionally. I give keys to aid in getting more out of the Bible. I wrote this book with the people I’ve pastored in mind. Here I give this to ponder: people who listened to Jesus, who were apostles, who were Bible writers, and who knew the original biblical languages still had trouble in their understanding. Remember, the Bible is UNLIKE any other book; it’s Divine.

In the second section, Biblical Expressions, my goal is to show you, the reader, that you know more than you give yourself credit for. There are expressions we’ve heard all of our lives but some are not so familiar to us. Some I explain, and some I do not explain but simply give either Scripture or a thought. Again, there are places where we must study and search, as we are told. There are some Hebraisms, Archaisms, and Germanisms in the Bible. Remember, it’s an ancient Book from the middle east, and it’s Jewish! There are many clues to help you in this section if you will spend time herein.

In section three, Biblical English, I try to point out the reason why the spelling is so different in places. It’s because it is British English, and European Bibles agree against the United States spelling. The Scriptures will give you all the understanding you need. It is my sincere prayer that this book will help you in your lifetime journey of reading God’s holy words, the King James Bible. Blessings.


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Why Can't I Understand My King James Bible?


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