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Commentary on the Declaration of Independence Powerpoints in PDF
Is the Bible the Inspired Word of God Wycliffe Controversies
The Greatest Possession by Dr. Waite Origin of the Critical Text
Dispensationalism 1 Faith
Dispensationalism 2 God's Word in our Hands
Dispensation Graphic Producing an Accurate and Faithful Translation
A Conservative Bible Study Syllabus Have You Heard This Before About the Bible?
The Meaning of "My Glory"    Defending the KJB by Dr. Waite
The Fear of Isaac The Covenant of Salt
Abrahamic Covenant Literal Fulfillment King James Bible Conference
Principles of Interpretation Burgon's Confidence in the KJB
Interpretation of Parables Westcott / Hort Text Theory Refuted
The New Covenant The Traditional Text
The Importance of the Virgin Birth of Christ Inspiration and Interpretation
Theories About the Rapture Central Refuted
Nine Important Factors In Daniel's Prophecy Fundamentalist Distortions
Salvation in the Millennium Fundamentalist
Salvation of the Individual in the Old Testament Causes of Corruption
The Campaign of Armageddon Fundamental Deception on Bible Preservation
Alcohol or Wine Bible Course The Received Text for the Whole World
Wine in the Bible The Certain Sound
The Ascension of Christ The Voice of the Lord
The Fall of Man Videos
The Ordinances of the Church Fraud Trial of Bible Changers
Israel's Blindness Christmas Articles
The Septuagint Christmas by Rick Miesel
The Vision of Daniel Seven Christmas, A Biblical Perspective
The Death of Christ Christmas by Scott Johnson
Sacrifices in the Old Testament Christmas Tract by Dr. Waite
Judge Chart Christmas by Charles Half
Revelation 14:1 A Lamb of The Lamb Jesus Christ vs. Santa Claus
Producing an Accurate and Faithful Translation Tracts & Print
What is the Received Text? Repentance Explained and Enforced
Chart of Church Organization and Administration Officer-You are Appreciated 1
The Woman in Revelation 12 Officer-You are Appreciated 2
Christ's Geneology by Joy Wallnoffer National Repentance
Chart of Science and the Bible Lies in the Jehovah Witness NWT
Jesus' Timeline Anthony's Testimony
The Gift of God Dear Church of Christ Member-Please Consider
Harmony of the Gospels Christian Testamony
The Herods Christmas Tract
Important Biblical Dates Dear Catholic - Please Consider
Matthew 16:18 Who is the Rock? Are You in the Wrong Church?
Did Jesus Die On "Good Friday" or Wednesday? Dear Seventh Day Adventist
Homosexuality & the Bible Diary of a Lost Soul
The Brilliancy of the KJB Translators Eleven Ways to Know That You are Lost
The Baptism of Romans 6 Deity of Christ Combined
In Defense Of The Triune God Heaven-A Travelers Guide
Feasts in the Old Testament Seven Empty Medicine Bottles
Illumination Dear Muslim -Please Consider
Time-Line of God's Future Events Dennis Snyder's Testimony
Conscience Outline The Christian
Passion Week Chart Sodom and Gomorrah-2
The Person and Ministry of the Beast A Guide to Those Who are Left Behind
The Resurrections A Cigarette Speaks
Outline of Endtime Events A Country Called Heaven
Traditional and Alexandrian Texts Compared A Camel and His Master
A Halloween Book A Christmas Gift in Prison
Are There Mistakes in the KJB? Are you Ready…
Alcohol Bible Study Course  
The Anointing of Jesus in Four Passages  
Law of First Mention  

"Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths."   Isaiah 59:7