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Ra Chaewon, Ph.D.

Verbal Plenary Preservation and Human Responsibility: The Law of Inalterability in the Bible

    Although God Himself inspired His Word to be written (Verbal Plenary Inspiration) and has preserved to this day (Verbal Plenary Preservation), this absolute biblical truth has been overtly denied and ignored in the Christian world. The willful rejection against these core doctrines of the Bible is caused by a lack of accurate Bible-based knowledge and awareness of its original Author and man's mispositioning before Him; And man's mispositioning comes from ignorance or disregard for God's certain command given to man for His Word.

This book discusses Human Responsibility for the Word in response to Divine Sovereignty over it. Consistently given from beginning to end of the Bible, the Divine mandate for man's proper mode and attitude toward the written Word of God: The writer calls this "the Law of Inalterability." This book provides its solid ground from the Bible, and also presents its practical evidences from the results of the empirical analysis: obedience versus disobedience toward "the Law of Inalterability."

"...God is a Spirit in truth, infinite in truth, eternal in truth, and unchangeable in truth. Therefore, the truth of God, the truth itself, is endless and never changes. ... The moment God's progressive partial revelation marked a period in the last verse of the last chapter of the Revelation, the full revelation had reached its necessary and sufficient state, and was complete. This is the perfect Bible given from God. Hence, after this perfect Bible, there has been no further revelation of God's truth, and the truth of God in this complete full revelation never changes." (p.37)

"...the preservation of God's Word is not determined by people's arguments. It is a direct promise given from God through His eternal Word (Mt 5:18; Ps 12:6-7; 1 Pet 1:23-25). Not only that, God also 'commands' man 'against' trying to alter the Word He Himself wrote and has preserved. This is because God has entrusted the responsibility of the archiving process to His faithful and true Church, i.e. the members of His true Church. ... God also clearly stipulates what mode and attitude the members of His true Church should take in dealing with God's written Word as the instrument of preservation. ... That is 'the Law of Inalterability.'" (pp.40-41)

"...the Preserver of the Word is God Himself (Divine Sovereignty: 'Verbal Plenary Preservation'), but there are certain things required of men as His chosen instruments for its preservation (Human Responsibility: 'The Law of Inalterability'). ... not only man has the responsibility to store and keep the Word given from God, but also that the way of storage must be done in God's way. This is the context of 'the Law of Inalterability'... It is 'the Law of Inalterability' concerning God's Word that no man can tamper with or replace the Word that God wrote, unless the original Author God Himself changes it. What is evident here is that God firmly nailed down to the fact that there would be 'no change' in His Word. ... 'the Law of Inalterability' is confirmed through His Word itself: man cannot arbitrarily change (not add, nor subtract, nor alter, nor replace) any of God's words once written. And God also clearly and severely wrote in His Word that 'the Law of Inalterability' applies equally throughout the whole of the Scriptures - from the first to the last." (pp.42-43)

 "'The Law of Inalterability' of God's Word is the law that is consistently applied to the entire Bible, and at the same time, is the stern and severe warning given to men who are used by God as His instruments in the process of preserving the Word. Therefore, 'the Law of Inalterability' must be applied equally to the believers living in modern times." (p.50)

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Verbal Plenary Preservation and Human Responsibility: The Law of Inalterability in the Bible

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