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Charles W Ewing

The Bible and Its Wines

     The Old Paths Publications is greatly appreciative of the love gift from Captain Bob Warinner to make the publication of this work possible. The book has been out of print for many years and needed to be scanned and formatted to make it Print-On-Demand (POD) ready. The author, Charles W. Ewing, has gone on to his reward. Several people have asked that it be republished because it is "the best book" on the subject. Consequently, The Old Paths, with the help of pilot, Captain Bob Warinner, submits this book to you with the highest of praise. A review of the Table of Contents will give great insight into the thoroughness of this book as it deals with the topic of alcohol, temperance, and abstinence. How many people understand that there are 21 Hebrew and Greek Words translated "wine."

  • Preface ix

  • Introduction xi

  • Chapter 1 What is Wine?

  • Chapter 2 The Necessity of Understanding Ancient Customs and Expressions

  • Chapter 3 Yayin, Grapes, Syrup, Jam, Unfermented and Fermented Wine

  • Chapter 4 Tirosh Unfermented Wine, The Fruit of the Vine

  • Chapter 5 Shekar Sugar, Honey, and Cider

  • Chapter 6 Shekar and Palm Wine

  • Chapter 7 The Use of Shekar Sanctioned and Condemned

  • Chapter 8 Enab, Wine or Grapes?

  • Chapter 9 Ashishah, Flagons of Wine

  • Chapter 10 Asis, Fresh Grape Juice

  • Chapter 11 Sobe, Grape Syrup or Drunkard?

  • Chapter 12 Yeqeb, Wine or Winepress?

  • Chapter 13 Gath, Winepress

  • Chapter 14 Mixed Wine

  • Chapter 15 Shemarin, Dregs or Preserves?

  • Chapter 16 Chemer, The Pure Blood of the Grape

  • Chapter 17 Chamar, Chaldean Wine

  • Chapter 18 Oinos and New Testament Wine

  • Chapter 19 Sikera, Palm Wine and Sugar

  • Chapter 20 Gleukos, New Wine, Must, Fresh Grape Juice

  • Chapter 21 Joseph's Interpretation of the Cupbearer's Dream According to Flavius Josephus the Jewish Historian

  • Chapter 22 Must Defined

  • Chapter 23 Why the Translators Used the Word Wine

  • Chapter 24 Was the Sacramental Wine of the Bible Fermented?

  • Chapter 25 Fermented Wine Forbidden at the Passover

  • Chapter 26 Fermentation the True Meaning of Leaven

  • Chapter 27 Ferrar Fenton and the Word Ferment

  • Chapter 28 The New World Translation and the Word Ferment

  • Chapter 29 Young's Liberal Translation and Anything Fermented

  • Chapter 30 What the Passover Law Specifically Required

  • Chapter 31 Testimony of Jewish Authorities on Passover Wine

  • Chapter 32 The Incorruptible Blood of Christ

  • Chapter 33 Did the Corinthians Get Drunk on Communion Wine?

  • Chapter 34 Jesus Took the Cup

  • Chapter 35 What is the Fruit of the Vine?

  • Chapter 36 Strong Drink

  • Chapter 37 Shekar and the Dying Man

  • Chapter 38 Timothy's Infirmity and Stomach Wine

  • Chapter 39 Was Paul a Moderationist?

  • Chapter 40 Did Paul Teach Temperance?

  • Chapter 41 Did Jesus Convert Water Into Fermented Wine"

  • Chapter 42 Were Methods of Preserving Wine Unfermented Known in Bible Times?

  • Chapter 43 When It Moveth Itself Aright

  • Chapter 44 Not Given to Much Wine

  • Chapter 45 Conclusion

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"He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints."

Proverbs 2:8