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L. M. McCormick

The Psychology of God: Ten Sons of Haman

The first book in the series "The Psychology of God," deals with a substantial list of psychological subjects, through the wisdom hidden inside the biblical account of Haman. The book explores the deeper meanings concealed in the ten Hebrew names of the sons of Haman, the evil architect of the destruction of the Jewish Nation, from the Bible's Book of Esther. All ten men who served the corrupt Haman, who plotted to destroy the Jews, were killed and then hung upon the gallows by order of Queen Esther. The story chronicles this prophecy as it echoes through history, as ten more men are executed upon the gallows who served evil: the Nuremberg Trials. The world condemned the modern "sons of Haman" who assisted their modern version of Haman: Adolph Hitler. For thousands of years, the book explains, hidden in the ancient Hebrew names of these ten "sons," are the natures of the enemies of God. And, in fact, as we examine each name of the ten sons of Haman, we discover the declaration of personality "problems" in Man. No exceptions. The bully, the gossip, the arrogant man, the self-righteous one, and more. Could this be the "psychology" of the Bible? The Holy Scripture appears to be holding secrets to negative, pervasive attributes in human personality, from false humility to self-pity. But as we continue reading Ten Sons of Haman, we see that these undesirable traits are present in everyone to some degree, and the only way to mitigate these traits is to use the counsel of God Himself, through the Word He provides. This is the challenge to us, as obedient Children of God. "The Psychology of God: Ten Sons of Haman" presumes that God identifies these ten traits with the individuals who plotted to abolish the Jewish nation, the worst enemies that He has ever had upon the earth. These are people even worse than the Pharisees, the ones who hate God, and hate His people, and seek to destroy them. We see it today in the modern world, the enemies of God attempting to destroy Israel. We see this in such comments as from the former President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who expresses the desire to "wipe Israel off the face of the earth." These people still exist today who want to finish Haman's job. The Psychology of God: Ten Sons of Haman exposes evil traits in every human personality. The book is "psychology from a biblical perspective," as each of the ten names are related back to other stories of the Bible in which people with these traits appear. The book suggests how the true believer in Christ can change these undesirable attributes to ones that glorify God. It is a handy guide for any Christian therapist, doctor, or counselor who wants to use scripture to help people to understand where many of their problems originate. Each page of The Psychology of God is packed with information. The author goes through all ten Hebrew names in detail, giving many examples of their meaning, and a wealth of biblical scripture to support each point. This virtually hands the reader a great launching point to initiate further research on his own. Among the conclusions drawn from this book is the idea that, unlike secular psychology which constantly changes, the Bible's words of wisdom never change. The author maintains that biblical principles of healing and teaching are a rock upon which we can stand in understanding the nature of man. It suggests that the Word of God is built to heal us, not just physically, but in our hearts, mind, and spirit. The Psychology of God offers great hope and assurance to the sufferer of depression, guilt, and sadness, by reminding us that the Son of God, the Word made flesh, loves us perfectly and can heal us completely and permanently, if we'll give Him a chance. And that true joy in our hearts comes from knowing Him.

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"He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints."

Proverbs 2:8