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Robert H Morris

Serious Joy, John Wesley's Journal: Condensed and Gently Paraphrased for the 21st Century

  Robert H. Morris wrote, “Why a new work on Wesley after so many books have been written? For two main reasons: First, there have been other condensations of his Journal, but none, I believe, like this one. I have attempted to condense without cutting out aspects some may feel uncomfortable with—that is, without trying to remake him in our twenty-first-century image: his totally biblical theology, including belief in the devil and demons, and a real hell; his strong adherence to the Church of England, of which he was an ordained priest; his belief in miracles, of which he gives many instances; his belief in levels of Christian growth, even to perfection, which he considered the peculiar treasure of Methodists; his strong moral stand against abortion, infanticide, and sodomy. Second, my gentle paraphrasing of his language, which is 250 years old, and which I believe will be helpful to modern readers. I’ve spent many hours, using the Oxford English Dictionary (16,000 pages), and the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary, finding current words equivalent in meaning to his language, so I believe my renderings are rather precise.”

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Serious Joy, John Wesley's Journal: Condensed and Gently Paraphrased for the 21st Century

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