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John Jay Ricci

Evangelism's Flipside: A Journey of Reaping the Unexpected


 Would you like to see God’s hand move mightily in your life in fresh and unmistakably amazing ways? Have you ever felt you lacked the desire or knowledge to effectively start a gospel-centered conversation with a non-Christian? Would you like to learn some new and creative methods to share the gospel with people? If you answered yes to those questions, then this book is for you! From the first few pages, this highly practical book weaves in stories of real-life witnessing situations with inspiration from some giants of the Christian faith such as Moody, Spurgeon, Judson and more. It also provides easy action steps and additional resources that will help Christians to explore another side to evangelism that has been there all along. You see many Christians today treat evangelism as if it was a one-sided coin and only mainly concerned about the lives of the lost they’re seeking with the gospel. Most fail to realize that there is more to the world of evangelism than meets the eye. As a result, they overlook what's also happening on the flipside. Through stories of real-life witnessing situations, insights from giants of the Christian faith like Moody, Spurgeon and others, this book will equip you to see evangelism from both sides and reap the unexpected blessings that follow when you do so. Daniel 11:32 says, “The people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” Yet many Christians have inoculated themselves from the exploits awaiting them because they have bought the lie that what they see (on the surface) with evangelism is all there is and this kind of thinking leads many to conclude that the Great Commission is just a boring command of the Lord. The aim of this book is to show you otherwise. As you read about the adventures the author has been on and the fruit it has stirred, not just around him, but in him, may it likewise produce a desire in you to open your own evangelism treasure chest. Bible believers know that taking part in the Great Commission is not an option but a responsibility. However, Christians shouldn’t obey out of guilt or even out of fear of divine chastening as these are very poor motivators. We ought to obey out of love for our Saviour and for the expectation of the heavenly power and joy we will overflow with. As God’s people, we often forget that our Lord’s commands (especially concerning evangelism) fill up our joy not take it away. This book will help change your perspective on soul winning and the Great Commission from: we have to instead to: we get to. Beloved, our Lord didn’t give you commandments to ruin your life, but to enhance it (John 10:10). Under the Old Covenant, God gave commandments to His people for their benefit (Deut 6:24) and it is no different for Christians under the New Covenant. God has orchestrated it in such a way that when we obey His command to be His witnesses, it is we who will have cause for celebration and rejoicing. Just like the Apostles, in order for today’s Christians to get and stay enthusiastic about the huge task of world evangelization, we must view each evangelism opportunity, not as another burden to carry but as a new adventure to experience. It is the prayer of the author that you too would get excited about what God waits to do in you, for you and through you as the Great Commission becomes a great commitment in your life. May this book encourage and empower you toward that end.

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Evangelism's Flipside: A Journey of Reaping the Unexpected

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Proverbs 2:8