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Dr. Rick Tuttle


 How does a Christian Church survive together? In the not too distant future when our world experiences a self-inflicted crisis through unseen manipulation, men will attempt to equalize the world powers and in doing so cause unforeseen turmoil. Zain and Natasha Roberts faithfully serve in a small country church, helping family and neighbors survive while waiting for the return of Jesus as promised in the Word of God. This work of fiction highlights the issues surrounding the last of the last days from a Biblical point of view. After receiving a rather large inheritance from an unsuspected benefactor, Zain Roberts was told by the Lord to build a house with a hidden place of refuge. Many call it “dooms day prepping.” Zain called it the providential hand of God. In this day when many are preparing for the unknown future, this humble servant of the Lord is warning others of the day when Jesus will return and take his “bride” away. While building this new home, his desire was to use the experience he had received during his military years, coupled with a prolific reading habit, to make a safe haven for family while still ministering to his flock in the little country church where the Lord had placed him. Each family, abandoned by their government that was now in disarray, and a civil authority with little resources, must now stand alone or at the least with others whom they can trust. This is where Christian family becomes so important because we are called to help one another and to reach out with the message of the Gospel to the lost world. What do you do when your family is threatened? Shoot, or don’t shoot? That is the real struggle of survival.

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About the Author: Dr. Rick Tuttle is a Navy retired enlisted veteran who was saved at the age of 15 while attending a youth rally with friends. At the age of 18 he dropped out of school and joined the Navy as an opportunity to leave the world of factory work that was his certain future. While in the Navy he completed his high school education, surrendered to preach the Gospel, and began preparing for the ministry. He stayed on active duty while attending several correspondence schools and learning the ministry through training from his pastors. He returned to Sicily where the Lord directed him and his family to start Calvary Baptist Church for the military members and their families. Accepting an early retirement, Pastor Tuttle pastored for several years in the southwest corner of Pennsylvania until accepting an appointment as pastor back in his home state of Michigan, where he currently resides. Receiving his Th.D., Dr. Tuttle turned his desire to help others into becoming a Dean of Academics in a correspondence collage, Liberty Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary, where he continues to help men with their academics while they remain in their home churches

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"He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints."

Proverbs 2:8